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Our range has expanded by iron collector with respective polyethylene wells barrels.
Iron collector are made by a line valves on the side and call revenue (IN) and a line of valves placed on top calls out (OUT).
Both the number of revenue is one of the outputs can vary according to the customer.
The collector is used to have an established point where to sort and divert the flow of fuel as needed.
On base of required collector we can provide separately the respective polyethylene wells barrels with perfect watertightness or not, to avoid liquid spill in the ground.
Perfect watertightness thanks to the patented fastening system.

Iron Collector With Respective Wells Barrels Iron Collector With Respective Wells Barrels

Size of base or collector Total height Sealed / not sealed Material Code Download
variabile xØ168 // // S235JR BAR/FE
1280x1280xh500 1240 Sealed Without Reinforcements PAD-SRU-R61 PB128H50BT
1380x1380xh500 1240 Sealed With Reinforcements PAD-SRU-R61 PB138H50BT