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Thanks to the structure, to our personnel and to the technologically advanced machinery, we can create a vast range of easily customisable products to adapt to all the requests of our customers.
We can make manholes of all sizes for either carbon steel or stainless steel non pressurised tanks.

Manholes Manholes Manholes Manholes Manholes

Model Material Code Download
Blind S235JR P400C
Dispenser S235JR P400E
Blind S235JR P450C
Blind S235JR PD620C
Blind INOX 304 PD620304
Standard S235JR PD620SBE
Standard INOX 304 PD620SBI
Blind S235JR PD720C
Esso S235JR PD720EST
Blind S235JR PD745C
Blind INOX 304 PD745304
Api S235JR PD745API
Eni S235JR PD745A5
Eni S235JR PD745A6
Standard S235JR PD745SBE
Standard INOX 304 PD745SBI
Standard INOX 304 PD745ADB
Tamoil S235JR PD745TAM
Q8 S235JR PD745Q81
TotalErg S235JR PD745TE6
TotalErg S235JR PD745TE7
TotalErg S235JR PD745TE11