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Also Metaltermo can produce some other product like under dispenser and cabinet.
You could have polyethylene's under dispenser in perfect watertightness thanks to the patented fastening system or not, Most of petrol society is using this one to won't have enough fuel spill in the ground.
Bottom Cabinet are made in polyethylene and the top in galvanized iron, they must be used to centralized load fuel at the petrol station.

Under Dispenser and Cabinet Under Dispenser and Cabinet

Width Height Bathtub Box Material Code Download
1220 1300 Big S235JR PAD-SRU-R61 CA1220VG
930 1300 Small S235JR PAD-SRU-R61 CA930VP
1160 745 Big No PAD-SRU-R61 SE1160VGU
840 745 Small No PAD-SRU-R61 SE840VPU
// // Big or small No S235JR STRUT/EROG